Monday, March 28, 2011


I love a good contemporary home! But not just any one, I'm really into this rustic-contemporary vibe. It's basically a modern aesthetic mixed with good old fashion materials (wood, stone, slate) and a really streamlined landscape design to make it feel like home should. 

Let's take a look.
Flat roof lines are a main similarity of many contemporary homes. 

This home is just gorgeous. Take note of the balance of each planes size and projection. Also the lighting is quite nice as well. Lighting is key to any design!

Organic movement, no straight lines at this hip outdoor restaurant.

Lots and lots of big and airy windows, but not one traditional look in sight.

I can't speak!

This home looks like it was built right out of mother nature. It may be channeling a bit of Falling Water, which I am going on a trip to see this summer!

The new lodge

So much fun!

Although I love this one, I hope its gorgeous stone wall is giving it some privacy!