Thursday, March 17, 2011


I was looking over an Architectural Digest recently when I came over a page featuring Philip Nimmo. What attracted me initially wasn't just the agate (one of my fave materials at the moment) but also the movement of iron in his designs. Iron, a very rigid material, looks so fluid and yet has a very Mondrian effect at the same time. Utterly gorgeous if you ask me! Nimmo not only creates fire tools, andirons, and fire screens, he also designs very intriguing case goods and lighting as well. Not growing up with a fireplace, I must have one in the future, and maybe a Philip Nimmo fire screen to go with it. Could you imagine the way the screen would glow with a fire behind it! Take a look for yourself...
Fire Screen

Fire Screen

Side table, similar to Thom Filicia's for Vanguard.

Another gorgeous fire screen, a little Frank Lloyd Wright don't you think?

Scrolling Screen in an upscale interior.
Chevron andirons

Outdoor Lighting, so Chic!

Agate Sconces!