Wednesday, February 1, 2012

STEPHS WANTS: For February

Every year I treat myself to one hunky piece of jewelry, I'm a few weeks late but I've decided to go for the beautiful Pegasus Necklace, a striking bib of intricate gold feathers hand sewn to silk organza cascade. Made entirely by hand in India.
For years I have been talking about purchasing the Hickory Chair Hallings Secretary for my bedroom, I am finally going to write a check to place this order. I should probably get around to painting my room before this ships...

Gallicus Hands 1 and 2 art prints by Natural Curiosities. 
These are so interesting, they would be perfect for the family room.

I already have my 62"wide starburst light fixture, I just need to find an electrician and about 3 willing friends to hold it up while he installs it.

I have been dying to go see Florence and the Machine live and swore that I would get tickets the next time she was performing in New York. With my luck they announce an upcoming NYC performance for Tuesday, May 8th, and tickets go on sale around the same time I start spending all my dough on new bedroom furniture. I would seriously contemplate selling my bunny rabbit if it meant I got to be in the presence of Florence Welch while singing "Blinding."