Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here are a few of things that got us really excited this year...

Aviva Stanoff takes real objects (like lace, feathers or sexy lingerie) and presses them into the fabric creating this outstanding texture. I kind of died when I saw this lingerie pressed fabric framed. I'm soooo purchasing it for my future walk in closet!   

Sea fan velvet pillow

Can't for the life of me remember which booth we saw this case piece in, but I thought the storage option was outstanding. Great idea, for a custom piece. I would really only change the finish and the hardware. And maybe make the cubby sizes vary to fit different items.

Vintage Print Gallery takes real vintage maps and then dyes them. This one is of Paris, and dyed light pink. Great for that swanky parisian chic room. 

Crystals were everywhere! Especially pyrite and amethyst. These framed pieces were from Christopher Marley's Pheromone collection (see our other post here). They are going to look stunning in Steph's bedroom!

Because of my glass obsession, I can't help but shout out Joe Cariati's Glass Decanters

How cute are his new line of pastry and cheese domes?

It was so nice to see Kim Seybert's gorgeous beaded table runners in person.

Little bud vases can be the perfect addition to any table scape with larger objects or candles. 

World's Away, loving the colors. It's that tangerine that reels me in!