Tuesday, December 6, 2011


All great designers should have a clever sense of detail, because that is what can make a design so interesting. Sometimes even the best details aren't even recognized at first, but can add so much character. Let's just look at what I mean...

This plain chalkboard menu is not so boring after it gets framed with an antique gold frame.

Should I even begin to go into rants here about how well all the textures, colors, and patterns balance with each other to make this girly pink powder room super charming. But what kills me here is the leg of the vanity and the pendant...oh and the fact that the door and all the woodwork is pink. LOVE!
Design by Grant K Gibson

Okay, we all notice the most thoughtful aspect of this design is the seating arrangement. We know these people probably sit here for hours talking over wine. But the detail that I noticed was the window panes! Aren't they charming?
Design by Steven Gambrel 

 When you don't have a lot of space, find some cute floating side tables, and then hang a swing arm sconce over it, it's super functional. No room in the budget for a headboard? Use a giant piece of art, you can always create a masterpiece yourself.
Elle Decor Showhouse

Great detail here using books in the fireplace. 
Pic via The Decorista

I love how wary this designer was of her paint colors. The grey and turquoise combo is really successful here. The rooms flow and work together nicely.

This kills me! The lemon X-stool, the shell framed mirror, and the bouquet of orchids really pump up the volume to what could be a boring vignette without one of the 3. 
High Gloss Mag

First of all the cabinetry, the hardware and the glass front drawers so you can see inside. And secondly that spiral hanging system is ridiculous! 
Can you get more fun and playful than this?!! The rug is insanely gorgeous way to say "Hey, welcome to how awesome my home is," and that whimsical fixture of flying lightbulbs says, "I'm not too serious." Great first impression if I do say so myself. 
Liz Cann Interiors

Sometimes a collection of items can be a great detail like these garden stools arranged with plants on top. 

Okay, mirror tiles in the mouldings! Genius!! Not to mention the croc wrapped sideboard in eggplant of all colors!
Design by David Collins

More mirror details!

Sometimes the best of details to punch up a room can be a flower arrangement or a giant leaf. Let's be honest would you really have noticed this bathroom otherwise??