Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Wow, have we been slacking on quality posts recently. So sorry about that fellow readers, it was a busy Christmas holiday. In 2012 we are motivated to move you, heart and soul, with our delightfully design inspired posts. I know, I know, you are probably on the edge of your seats right now. But seriously, March 1st we will be debuting a sneak peak to our portfolio! All our hard work will be out there for you to admire. 

On another note. Steph and I cleaned up pretty well this Christmas, with both of us receiving iPads! 
I would personally like to make a big THANK YOU to my parental unit for being so generous this year. I love you both so much!
Next post stop...iPad covers??

I was also gifted some pretty rad presents from some very special people who deserve to be mentioned for their amazing taste...

Grandma...thanks for the velvet poppy blazer. The color is so unexpected, and I can't help but rub my face against the buttery softness of the velvet.

 It's tradition that we read The Berenstain Bear's Christmas Tree book every Christmas Eve since my brother was born. I know what you are thinking, but my dad is too cute when he reads it and we have to keep the tradition going until someone pops out a baby. Our old copy is falling apart so kudos to mom who has never googled in her life, and some how found this new version on eBay.

Movado watch from my brother and Alex!! Keepin it Classy!

Got the cuteset lil blue/green nugget earrings from Stephanie. Girl's got good taste...

And the piece de resistance. Drum roll please......this amazing shell and wood inlay antique tray from my dumpling Kelly! It even came in this pimp box with purple velvet lining. The back story is that she bought at an antique store in West Virginia, and it used to belong to a cardiologist. It's rumored to have come from either Syria or Libya. So Fancy!!!