Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Attention Home Goods shoppers, there is an exceptional find around every corner. Just keep your eyes peeled and know what to look for and you will be victorious!!

I went to a few Home Goods in search of a great deal on a rug, but let's be honest, when you're looking for a 10x14 in the right shade, it's slim pick-ins. But don't you worry, because I found many other fun things.

Exhibit A. 
The cutest little patriotic chair you'll ever see. 
Mixed into a hip bachelor pad space, this piece could be a real conversation starter. I love its aerodynamic lines, and the camel leather. $599 for a leather chair, who the hell needs that imitation leather at Bob's Furniture! 

Decent bench, like the bleached wood. An extra $200 and you could reupholster it in a fantastic fabric...

This chair has that whole Swedish vibe happening. 

This spectacular specimen of rope wrapped console, will most likely be seen in our next edition of portfolio photos :) Please advert your eyes to the hideousness that is going on beneath the table. 

Silver glazed linen dining chairs. Buy 6 and then spend your money on some show stopping Host and Hostess chairs in a fun pattern.

2 wishbone bar stools. Obviously I'm not a huge red fan, but these could easily be painted a fun shade!

Modernized woven leather arm chairs. I could see these enhanced with a small sheepskin hide draped over the top. 

Have you found anything good at Home Goods lately?