Thursday, August 22, 2013


Aren't Grandma's just the cutest?! 
Well mine certainly is. I think it's where I get some of my love for design from. My grandma, or "Nan" for short, has always had a love for finding hidden treasures and making them new again, and one of her favorite things to make over are old steamer trunks. In fact, every woman in my family is promised one right before she gets married. A traditional "dowry" if you will.

Relax though! I'm not getting married any time soon!! But my brother is. So in preparation for choosing my future sister in laws wedding trunk I decided I better pick mine out before all the good trunks get taken.

Nan and I got started by picking out some fun fabrics, a metallic silvery taupe striped pattern for the top and a plain beige linen for the interior. We then shipped the trunk off to the upholsterer, not very Do-It-Yourself I guess. 
Then Nan took it upon herself to paint the entire trunk! All the strapping was painted gold and the leather bottom cleaned up a bit. Some new leather handles for the sides and a new lock finished the look. 

I love my the way it turned out!!

Here's another Blurry before pic.