Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I ran across Denise McGaha Interior Design the other day when researching Hickory Chair console tables, and I fell in love with her work for the Texas State Fair House of Tomorrow, from October 2011. Denise had only 16 days to design and install this project!! So she went to her trusting friends at Hickory Chair for some quick and utterly gorgeous pieces. And the result is perfection. Comfortable and hip, with a rustic edge, this place is right up my alley. And of course Steph and I love the Axel Orb chandelier, just used it for a client in fact.

I love the mix of grey and taupe in the fabrics and wood tones. Not to mention that cork shade detail on the floor lamp. I always tell you people how it's about the little things that make a design stand above the rest! 

Simple wood planking on the walls. I wonder how difficult that process is?

Props on creating one unified space with two separate pops of color on either end. Touche.

This space is just perfectly edited. Just the right amount of accessories!

Totally filing this spread of gorgeous inspiration away!