Thursday, March 7, 2013


Mixing high and low priced items in interiors can be tricky, but rather gratifying if you can get the hang of it. It's like wearing that dress you found at 75% off, then pairing it with a statement necklace you splurged on while vacationing some place you couldn't afford.  People think you look "uptown" but deep down you're maniacally laughing at your savvy shopping skills...

Any who, I'm here to show you the prize I found at Home Goods the other day. 

Exhibit A: Home Goods


To the untrained eye these framed crystal specimens look like they came from the same place! Both are framed very well (perhaps the CM is a tad nicer, and also comes with a matte that is embossed with the artist's name), but the Christopher Marley specimen is a rare Apophyllite crystal from India, thus the hefty price tag. Either way, both pieces will look exquisite in a clustered collection of art. 

And look what Ms. Stephanie found on her excursion to HG. 
Ralph Lauren Brass Helmut Lamp, Originally $638. 
Steph scored it for over 60% off! 

And a few other things Steph and I saw while we were perusing. 

 These black wishbone chairs for $129 a piece! Seriously, so cute with a little sheepskin on the seat. 

Nice texture. Love the mix of cut pile and loop. And $399 for an 8x10!

For the bachelor pad...very Stark Rugs looking.

And I'm sorry, but is this a joke?? 
This is a Ralph Lauren Croc Leather lamp, originally $1,500!!! Only $349.00 at HG. 
I kid you not! See here.

Acacia side table, to add a bit of that rustic look to your modern scape. 

Are your kids collecting their shoes at the front door? Why not try a colorful basket at the entry. Home Goods has an abundance of them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Plus, you can always keep it tucked under a console.  

Another great Ralph Lauren find. For only $199. Love the fringe by the way. 

Another item HG always seems to have abundance of, pretty glassware. Love these blue stemmed goblets. 

However, beware of dishes at HG! 
Sometimes plates and bowls are not cured properly in the drying process, and they become unsafe to handle after heated in the microwve. My coworker learned first hand about this. Ouch. 

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