Sunday, September 9, 2012


It's no secret that women swoon over a well dressed man, so you can imagine that women also appreciate a well organized man as well. However, if your wardrobe is superior than mine, we might have a predicament. If space is no issue, why not let your male counterpart have a walk-in closet worthy of James Bond himself. 

A peek at Tommy Hilfiger's closet.

Image via Habitually Chic

Try to hang as much as you can. Gym and lounge wear can always go in a chest of drawers, and sweaters and jeans can be folded neatly.
 Image via Brown Safe.

A watch vault, now I have seen everything.

Image via Elle Decor

Add trim details to you custom cabinetry for a more unique look.
Closet designed by Roy Teo

Design by Krieit Associates | Bespoke Interiors
A glass floor insert that peeks into the shower below you, I don't know if this is clever, seductive, or illegal.

Image via Luis Bustamante

Incorporate a bank of drawers with a counter top for added hidden storage and a place to spread out and fold your clothing.
Image via Powell and Bonnell
Image via Perfect Closets

Take a cue from some of your favorite shops. See how they display things. Do what works for you, but remember that pairing similar items and color coordinating is always easiest for getting ready at a moments notice.

Dedicate an entire wall to that very impressive tie collection.

Or this could be an opportunity to display some risque artwork or purchase that vintage chair you always wanted but thought was too uncomfortable to use on a regular basis.