Thursday, September 6, 2012


For about two years I have been wondering what I am going to do when I inherit my grandmother's salt and pepper shaker collection. She promised me the lot a couple years ago because I always enjoyed playing with them when I came over as a kid and as tradition goes, I always bought them for her on special occasions. A very sentimental gift indeed!

 Although, I am very excited and grateful for this gift, I was a little stumped on how I'm going to display them. For starters, there's probably around 1,000 pairs! So displaying them all won't be happening, but I wanted to figure out a modern way of showcasing them. 

Of course Pinterest provided me with my answer...
When I saw this collection of vintage toy cars, I knew immediately that was what I had to do with my salt and pepper shakers. Setting up the display in tight clean rows should look organized, funky and collected. Now, which room will I display them in? Guess I won't have to think that far until I actually have a house.