Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 I've always wanted a salt water fish tank, but recent events have made me realize how expensive and tricky those tanks can be. You really have to know your stuff! It's not just water and food and a filter, the sea is a complicated eco system. Certain fish can't live with other fish or they need a certain amount of space or a place to hide like an anemone. You need some kind of shrimp, snail, or fish to help keep the tank clean. Keeping the environment clean and disease free is probably the most problematic issue. However complicated though, I'm still interested in learning, because I think having a crazy tank incorporated into the design of your home could be worth taking in every day. Like living art!

 Look how amazing these tanks can look whether in a traditional or modern space. 

Or if the responsibility of a large salt water tank is too daunting, you can still admire a simple goldfish from some of these really quirky modern tanks. 

I have these fish tank bookends, but I have still yet to put fish in them. I should probably get to that, its been about 2.5 years now since I've purchased this. 

And how cool is this!!! A jellyfish tank!!

Nemo's are my favorite! 
Anybody have any advice on salt water tanks? I'd love to get your input.