Thursday, May 3, 2012


Continuing my list of the top ten most inspiring places I'd like to visit, I bring you...

#7 Venice, Italy 

First off, you can't go to Venice without taking a Gondola ride. Interesting fact: Only 3-4 people will get a Gondola driving license each year in Venice. There are only 400 licensed Gondolas in Venice today! I'm wondering if that's like trying to catch a cab when you are too far uptown...
Many avid travelers have also said the best way to discover this city is on foot. The narrow strees and alley ways always lead to a discovery. Just make sure you bring a good map, and your camera. Look at these colorful homes that line the canal. How inspiring and beautiful!

 #6 Egypt

The egyptians were so ahead of their time. Some of the first signs of furniture were from Ancient Egypt!  Besides the obvious Great pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and the Luxor, (which I've been told to hot air balloon to), I'd want to wander through the Khan-el Khalili bazaar for little trinkets to bring back home and of course head to the Egyptian Museum for a full observation of Egyptian history. 

 #5 The Aurora Borealis

I'm not a science geek, nor do I care about energy, solar wind, or electrons, but this stuff is extraordinary! How often do you get to see a sight like this? Ohh the colors and patterns! It looks like abstract watercolors in the night sky. Best time to view is March and September near locations like Alaska and Wisconsin (or any northern bordering state). But it's hard to see, the northern lights are hundreds of miles above the earth and a cloudy sky or full moon could block your view. I guess the least I could do is book an Alaskan cruise in March/September and cross my fingers for clear skies.

Any of you out there lucky enough to see any of this? I want to hear about it!