Friday, January 27, 2012


I finally got my orange and black pacific connections lacquer boxes and they are exquisite of course, but I'm quickly realizing that I haven't gotten enough of my tangerine fill just yet because I keep pinning everything of that sort to Pinterest lately. It seems to be everywhere, from little pops of tangerine delightfulness with bases of navy and chocolate brown to full on rooms of bright fantastic tasteful Hermes orange. Don't even get me started on the amount of gorgeous front door pins I required that feature bright tangerine hues. I've noticed the color also goes really well with flame red and blush pinks, a lovely and fashion forward color blocking scheme if you will. 

Tory Burch envelope clutch and March Jacobs satchel

Oh these doors are to die for. Seriously! I'm not kidding...

 Tory Burch again. God I love this woman!

Tangerine bookcases...

with white and brass accents

 See how amazing pops of tangerine look with navy. I rest my case. 

All images via Pinterest.