Friday, September 9, 2011


Awhile ago Patricia Healing and Daniel Barsanti of HB Home did a one-day makeover in House Beautiful that was really fantastic. And I still can't get enough of the tie-dye rug that they used, so I had to post about it. Not only is the giant psychedelic rug amazing but it is so great that House Beautiful can show you what some amazing designers can do for people in just one-day or weekend! I think that if your house has good bones (aka amazing architectural details, built-ins, good floors, etc) and a few great main pieces like a nice english arm sofa. Than maybe all you need is a designer to show you how to remove the clutter and style up the room with accessories and maybe a few different dining room chairs or a great antique rug. Check out the transformation.

Check out the room before! You can see the potential, but...

look what one day and some professionals designers can do for you!!

Look, all the upholstery was repurposed for the design!

Maybe you can only spare a few hundred bucks, but that could go a long way in terms of accessorizing if you know where to go and what to look for!