Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm sorry but I can't get enough of these GIANT games people are creating to add to their living spaces outdoors. As someone who comes from a home where they have the most boring and unimaginative backyard imaginable I yearn for the day I can create an outdoor oasis. A place where I can entertain guests, and games are a great way to break the ice between strangers. Not saying that I don't mind a good drinking game now and then, but I like to flex my brain muscles too. However watch out, I'm known to be quite competitive. Ahem, scrabble opponents know who you are ;). 

Unfortunately with the real deal you can't use the "best word" option


Spray painted Twister. No wind problems here.

Giant Jenga! You could DIY this easily. Also, watch your face/toes/body.

Blongo Ball, and again watch your face

Bocce Ball, not over sized but still amazing. And the glowing balls keeps the game going all night long!

Corn Hole, not gonna lie I'm just not into this one, but people seem to really like it.

I realize this is not a game but could you imagine a giant movie screen in your yard. So cool!