Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, obviously with our obsession with jewelry, Nicole and I are eventually going to rack up a large collection. Personally, I feel I already have a steady collection of chunky statement necklaces and cocktail rings, yet I have no dedicated jewelry station. I have about half a dozen beautiful linen covered necklace displays.. but I have about 30 necklaces, there are only so many stands I can buy before I start to look like a retail store. It felt like Christmas morning when I came across the most fascinating jewelry dresser by Melanie Fascitelli. The most beautifully organized concept I have ever come across, it's like she made this for me. This is definitely one luxurious necessity I will be purchasing in the near future. I really enjoyed reading about Melanie Fascitelli and her luxury closets company "Clos-ette," she even interviews Tory Burch about her closet organizing solutions. Melanie really knows to ask all the right people for advice!

This is exactly what I need, built-in custom dividers.

Scarf Organizing

Tory Burchs closet