Monday, February 24, 2014


The BORA BORA Necklace ($548) draped over the GIZELE Neckalce ($388), I. just. die.

You know when you're out shopping and you see something you like but decide not to purchase it because you don't need it? Well I am one of those shoppers, but if weeks go by and I am still day dreaming about an item, that is when I allow myself to splurge. Well, I have become love struck by Lionette NY Jewelry by Noa Sade. It has been awhile since I have lusted after a piece of jewelry, and unfortunately after discovering this jewelry line I want to add over ten pieces to my collection. I keep convincing myself that I need the GIZELE or GALIT Necklace for an upcoming client meeting. These decadent designs are worthy of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt herself and I am convinced that owning one of these pieces will bring me power and an army of men servants at my beck and call.

Top: PANGEA Necklace $298,  Bottom: TRIBECA Necklace $185.

Head over heels for the CHAPPAQUA Necklace $368

 I have my eye on the GALIT Necklace $895, if only I didn't have to pay rent this month..

ARIZONA Necklace $995

Gizele, $388

Introducing the SHEMESH Necklace $875

SHEMESH Necklace by Noa Sade

Gorgeous earrings no longer listed on their website.

COLETTE Earrings $268

The adorable Julie Saranana from Sincerely Jules blog wearing the COLETTE Earrings

ANDAMAN Microphone Glove by Noa Sade

ANDAMAN Microphone Glove $750

DEBUSSI Bracelet $398

DEBUSSI Bracelet by Noa Sade