Friday, February 7, 2014


Steph and I always seem to chat about what our future office may look like someday, and we can't help but start pinning ideas even though we're not sure when that day will come. But right now my fabric collection is organized by color and style in plastic bags...not the way I envisioned exactly. But we have a few ideas up from our bag of design tricks. 

1. bins: Love the idea of having a large island at counter height. For starters, it is a way to spread all your fabrics and tear sheets out to see together, and it also helps my tall body from hunching over when I'm creating boards etc.

 2. Hanging: This has to be the best way to see everything all at once, but the downside is all my samples come in different shapes and sizes so it may not look the most organized. This unit is from Emerson et Cie and can be illuminated, or customized with different finishs. 

 3. Folded on shelves: So pretty and accessible, but kind of high maintenance if you ask me.

 4. Filed and tucked away: This seems to be a great system for small offices, but again it seems a bit high maintenance.