Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I was looking through the October 2013 issue of Lonny the other day when I came across this industrial oasis. It belongs to the design duo, Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell, of Hammer and Spear in Los Angeles. I could only think to myself how refreshing it was to see such a well designed home that didn't look like you couldn't touch anything! The best of both worlds. Seriously though, a lot of times i see very contrived industrial design, but this felt really organic to me, more collected than overly modern. It has character and history, which gives it such a homey feel. Worn-in yet refined.

And then after crushing on this home I cross paths with Possum Belly 
Pipe Bookshelves by Stella Blue DesignsOkay so maybe it's kind of typical of the industrial look, but I think the Edison bulb lighting factor 
makes a fun addition.

I'm really digging this corner piece too.
And at around $200-$500 for some major character, 
they don't hurt your wallet either.