Wednesday, January 15, 2014


One important thing I've learned as an interior designer, when communicating with a new potential client, is to let them show you what their style is. We always encourage our clients to gather magazine clippings or create a Pinterest board of things they are attracted to with images of what they would want their home to look like. 
I worked for a designer who worked on an entire concept for her client who simply described (verbally, with no images) that she desired a home that was simply, clean with a rustic feel. So, for days my boss collected fabrics and selected furniture based on her description, once presentation day came around the client had a disappointed look on her face, she finally whipped out her latest issue of Elle Decor to say THIS is what I was hoping for.. only to show us a spread of J. Lo's glamorous NYC apartment. One's persons "rustic" description may be someone else's description on blingy crystal chandelier. Save a lot of time and confusion by going through inspiration images together.