Friday, June 7, 2013


It's a rainy day here in the Jerz and all I can think of is staying home and watching a movie marathon. Snuggling under a cashmere blanket with some popcorn watching romantic comedies. But no, I'm going to work. :(

Maybe someday I'll have a media room of my own.
This one below from House Beautiful is ideal. I love the idea of the gradual step ups and the configuration. I'm not sure why, but I don't mind the idea of having a window in a media room either. I just don't want anywhere in my house to feel like a dungeon.

TV Loungers

Why not use some old wood pallettes. Not the comfiest option, but clever.

Taking the Bat Cave theme to a whole different level...

Simple. Intimate.

Perfect for sleepovers and pillow fights...

When yolu have that awkward space you don't knwo what to do with. Boom, media room.

I can't even begin, this is so cute.

And over the top concession stand, for the family that takes their movies seriously. That sconce needs to go though. Bleh!

For those of you with media rooms, I'm available on movie night.