Monday, December 3, 2012


If you follow our blog, than you know how obsessed I am with Kevin O'Brien Studio's burn out velvet pillows. They are BA-NA-NAS! But they also come with a heavy price tag. 

Sometimes many of us just can't understand why things cost so much, which is why its good to learn how certain things are created. It helps you really appreciate the craftsmanship of a high end piece, be it a heavily hand carved Rococo gilt frame or a Tufenkain rug with a 6 month lead time. 

So now you all must watch this amazing video I saw of Kevin O'Brien himself, demonstrating the amazing technique of creating his burn out velvet pillows with the homemaking Queen, Martha Stewart. 

Step 1. Silk Screen with an Acid to burn out a pattern 
on the back of a white velvet fabric.
Step 2. Iron 
Step 3. Scrape away the messy particles.
Step 4. HAND PAINT!!!! So cool!

My fave color combo...Peacock

The main studio located in Philadelphia. I'm thinking field trip!