Monday, October 29, 2012


Although my personal taste towards interiors leans a bit eccentric with bold color and a bit of whimsy, this residence by SB Architects in San Francisco has my heart doing cart wheels. 

Built for one of the leading partners at the firm, this home is not only gorgeous, but LEED Platinum certified, which is the highest certification level you can achieve in green building!

I'm in love with almost every aspect that this home has to offer. For starters, I've always loved a very vertical layout. Built right into the hillside (hence the name), the 4 story home sports 2,116 square feet of indoor space, 1,567 square feet of outdoor space, and an elevator.

 Part of the major appeal of this home for me is the mix of materials, sustainable Red Cedar siding and the split face natural stone give this residence a real homey feeling. The type of place I could imagine numerous holidays cuddled up near one of the many fireplaces. 

The one downfall for me here...the landscape. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving that they managed to keep some of the big trees, but I need some more flowering bushes or plants. Perhaps some bougainvillea vines cascading over that front fence. 

Love how these pendants fall all the way down the staircase. And that mesh material on the railing...amazing, but I've had enough of the wood siding here. There's enough on the exterior. Let's get some interesting wallpaper, or even a fun runner for the hallway. 

 They are calling the covered area the "yoga deck" and the turf area the "lawn."

 All the lighting is perfection. This place must glow at night. 

 If you know me, this utilitarian look would not do it for me. I need a bit more substance and color!

 The rustic dining table and modern chairs <3 nbsp="nbsp">

 I guess in keeping the project more sustainable, they had to use concrete countertops vs. stone, which is where I may have to draw the line. And although I love how the backsplash is a window, I'd still prefer to see something stone there. 

 Whatever those built-ins are made of is pure insanity!

See through fireplace...swoon!

Rope knotted door pulls. It's all in the details. 

Soooo anybody want to build me a house?