Tuesday, October 16, 2012


To any male that will listen, 

Please oh please know that when you actually care about the way you look and try to have some sort of style and appreciation for your own appearance it takes your hotness factor up 10 fold. With that being said, tidiness is part of that whole package and there is nothing I would like more than to see men a bit more groomed. Seriously men!! How hard is it to get a haircut every couple of weeks! If Pauly D can do it so can you. 

So listen up! I'm going to need you all to get your James Dean on and try the new, or should I say old, hairdo. 

The Retro cut...

 Take a close look here. Closely shaven at the bottom and faded nicely to the top where it stays longer. Add a bit of hairspray or gel for texture and comb those locks to the side. BOOM, you got Uncle Jesse hair. Have Mercy!

Now, not all of us can pull this off but I feel like I need to show you the variations. 

See its got a bit more volume on the top, but you don't have to get crazy with it like Snookie (sorry for the Jersey Shore references).

Two celebrities that always work the Retro cut...

Oh and if you want to get the ladies meltin like butta, just add some thick rimmed specs and a smile. And I just got you a date...

This guy...mmmk maybe the haircut doesn't exactly apply here. 

Classic James Dean.