Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There are several curtain rod styles available to fit your custom needs. Whether you just want enough curtain to cover only the inside of a window or whether you want a curtain to have more light control.. and the best part is that all of these versions are offered in different styles and finishes. 

Which curtain rod style do you prefer using?

1. Return Rod- These U-shaped rods curve into the wall, eliminating the need for finials. Perfect for rooms that require complete darkness, since the curtain wraps around the sides to keep light out.

2. Ceiling Track- This is flush-mounted (flat to the ceiling). Ceiling tracks usually used with custom designed curtains, which clip on the hooks. This system takes full advantage of the ceiling height.

3. Modern Curtain Tension Rod- The easiest and least expensive option, with an unfinished look. You can find these at any hardware store, its best to use with pole pocket curtains and won't hold heavy drapes.

4. Inside Mount Cafe Bracket- although most curtains are mounted on the wall, sometimes you just want a look that covers no more than the windows. This bracket system is installs on the inside of a window.