Thursday, June 28, 2012


What a throwback! Do you guys remember coming home from your first week of middle school and your only assignment was to take the old brown paper bags from Shoprite to cover and protect the schools crappy text books?!

Lately, I've been seeing a new trend of lining entire library bookcases with extravagant paper wrapped books, or even fabric wrapped. E. Lawerence is actually a vendor that carries books of all color bindings, from Metallic gold to fuchsia pink, but if you don't have the kind of money to shell out $36+ dollars on each book then I have a little idea. Why not get some high quality wrapping paper to cover your books? You can find anything from metallic wrapping papers to funky geometric prints. When I was at The Mansion in May, in Morristown this past month, I recognized a few designers using this technique. One in fact, did an entire library covered in paper wrapped books in black and white houndstooth. Paired with the right masculine accessories, the bookcase was a knock out. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures so I can't share with you :( But here are some fantastic examples! Enjoy your day everybody!!

I know, I know, this example doesn't show wrapped anything, but its a cool idea eh?  

Suzanne Kasler did a whole room of orange, including books like this for Lee Jofa's fabric showroom in the D&D building.