Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On our trip to the D&D building last monday, Steph and I stopped for lunch at an amazing Mexican restaurant, Dos Caminos, at 50th Street and 3rd Avenue. Fortunately, it was a warm sunny day, so we sat outside admiring the ombre stripes on the facade of the building. There was just something about this whole restaurant design that really spoke volumes to the whole flavor of the restaurant. Like the design and the food, the whole message even, were so in sync. It really gives me that modern yet spicy latin vibe. You can bank on the fact that Steph and I will be inspired by those ombre stripes in the future!

A closer view of the stripes from my seat...

Recommendations: Try the roasted plantain empanadas. It's like nothing I have ever tasted before. Kind of spicy sweet. Delish!