Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pheromone by Christopher Marley: Beetle Mosaics

Like most people, I am not a bug lover, nor do I like snakes, or have a desire to swim with sharks. But I do have a weird fascination with them all and I tend to be drawn to those fascinating shows on animal planet, and the always famous shark week. Its amazing to know that nature can display some of the most beautiful colors and patterns that designers are inspired by everyday. And Christopher Marley's insect mosaics are just that, inspired by nature. With the beetles fascinating colors, size and shapes, Christopher Marley balances compositions to perfection. Some are so interesting that from far away you can't even tell that they are bugs. He also frames shells, crustaceans, and even fossils. If I only had a thousand or so dollars to purchase my beetle mosaic. 

The beetle mosaic above framed

An iridescent ombre effect of beetles

Center of Focus collection


The Walking Leaf bug represents all the colors of the seasons

Blue Morpho

The fossil of a reptile 200 million years old

Abalone shells polished to perfection. (I think I'm going to attempt to frame some myself)

Sea Urchins