Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY: Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets

As some of you may know I worship Doloris Petunia's work, and was recently inspired to make some jewelry of my own.
I may not be able to achieve the craftsmanship which is this bracelet above by DP (I swear that woman must have an army of ninja weavers) but I might be able to achieve something closer to this...

So I scoured the internet for some friendship bracelet tutorials, went to michael's and bought like 983769236 different colors of embroidery thread (only 35 cents per color!!), and purchased some pretty rhinestone and gold chain from eBay. After all my research, here are the two sites that had the most clear directions...Purl Bee and Honestly...WTF which really happens to be the name of the blog.

So here I go. I found it easy to utilize a piece of foam core with small incisions at the edges to keep all my string in place and organized. Don't you love the gold thread!

Finished product without the gold chain, which I just hand stitched into the bracelet.


I'm digging the stacking trend happening these days.
Next adventure, Chan Luu style beaded wrap bracelets. Stay tuned!