Sunday, April 3, 2011


Awhile back while I was scoping out one of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style by Erin Gates, I saw one of her posts about the Urban Hounds Hotel. This ridiculously adorable modern dog kennel, made me think about how many cool gadgets, toys, and accessories there are out their for your lovable pets. I had a labrador, Carmel, bless her lil heart, for 15 years! I miss her very much and know how important pets can be to people. And at the end of each day they are always, ALWAYS, happy to see you no matter what. That's why I think they deserve the best, and when I get another doggie companion some day I hope to pamper them with some of these items and ideas, because they are a part of the family too! Let's take a gander, shall we...

Pet Observation Port Hole for Fences, imagine coming home from work and seeing their lil face through this aperture.

Love this idea of building a built in dog feeder into the kitchen island. Now that's really making them part of the family.

Modern Dog Bed, for the lil ones (aka Mickey)

Jonathan Adler Dog Bed
A dog version of Le Corbusier's LC2 chair for the modern aesthetic

And how about a fab toy box to store all their chew toys

I know that when I get another dog, it will probably be a really really big girl, like Bull Mastiff status. And I'm decking her out in one of these fancy collars by Calling All Dogs starting at $25.

Osborne and Little "Best in Show" wallpaper for those owners that dedicate whole rooms to their dogs. makes the cutest furniture for dogs!