Sunday, April 10, 2011

Current Obsession: Kyle Bunting Cowhide Rugs

Kyle Bunting is a design genius! His gorgeous collection of cowhide rugs, wall coverings, and even furniture gives the perfect twist to a more funky modern interior. With the most expansive selection of colors to choose from (70 in all), the highest quality hides from Italy, your choice of pattern and size, customization possibilities and a quick lead-time Bunting is hard to beat. On top of all that using cowhides is a by-product  and is very sustainable! A Kyle Bunting rug is definitely going on my Dream List!
Vivid Colors!

I love how the different cut outs and directions of the 
fur creates such a great texture. 

 Some gorgeous custom rugs
Kyle Bunting Wall Coverings! 
Kyle Bunting Furniture!

One of my favorite patterns “Jet Stream” in action
Both pictures on the right feature Bunting’s rugs in Esquire’s 
“Ultimate Bachelor Pad” of 2009. Snoop also approves.

What do you think of Kyle Bunting's Cowhide Creations?