Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten: Bookends

Not all of us can afford to dedicate an entire room of our homes to an endless collection of books. And these days books are becoming quite scarce with the current technologies of such things as the Nook and the Kindle, why waste more paper. But occasionally here and there we need somewhere to store and show off our most precious cookbooks, interesting coffee table books, and high school yearbooks. Why not draw attention to them with some funky cool bookends! Here are our most wanted 10!

Nicole’s FIVE…

Acrylic Letter Bookends Bergdorf Goodman $285 

 I own these already but I need some FISH!
Fish Bowl Bookends Wrapables

Bull Bookends $385 Horchow

This is way too cute! 
Harry Allen Roller Skates Door Stop/Bookends in Chrome $189 Fridge Door 

Acrylic Letter Bookends $285 Bergdorf Goodman

Steph’s FIVE…

Natural Horn Bookends $395 InStyle Decor

I want these adorable brass ram bookends, 

that I found on Ebay, for my bookshelf.  

These crystal rock bookends are like gorgeous rock candy, who 
wouldn’t want to use these to hold their decorating books up?

Crystal sphere bookends from Lazy Susan $103 Amazon

Agate & Silver Bookends $375 Plantation Design