Saturday, January 29, 2011

HOSPITALITY DESIGN: Matterhorn Hotel in Switzerland

The Matterhorn is a boutique hotel in the Alpine ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland. The modern ski lodge is an exceptional 4-star hotel in Zermatt and is perfect for the avid hiker and winter sport enthusiast. The architectural conception and interior design are by local artist Heinz Julen. Julen designed many of the lamps, couches, beds and freestanding bathtubs in the Matterhorn. The gorgeous indoor rim flow pool extends boundlessly towards the outside and you can definitely see such an effortless stride in the execution of the design throughout the hotel. I love the light wood, the cowhide, and the huge endless windows. If you ever catch me at Matterhorn, I’m sure I'll be more likely to be seen in the pool than on the slopes.


How cool are those modern cowhide chairs?

I love when designers use drapes to open and close two spaces


Don't you just want to get snowed in here!

Switzerland, why are you so far away!!!