Monday, July 15, 2013


silver leaf

My design confidant, Nicole, is in the process of redesigning her bedroom. I love watching her imagination run wild as she comes up with incredible design concepts. She has a nice large collection of accessories that I like to "rent out," sometimes she comes over and notices a piece and asks "Is this mine?" and I of course try to convince her that it is mine or that she had gifted it to me months ago..  
Last week Nicole asked me what I thought about her wrapping a dresser in a metallic silver wallpaper, which of course if done correctly would look ridiculously sexy.. but the cost of materials and labor would end up costing more than the dresser itself. I suggested possibly silver leafing the dresser instead. After some research, I saw that silver leafing was cost effective, time consuming but easy to apply, and the end result is almost identical to the original concept.

Silver Leaf Dresser
DIY Mirrored (silver leaf) Cabinet
Champagne Silver Leaf Boxes
i adore silver leaf
Sette Design: Silver Leaf Doors
Silver leaf walls and a lovely orchid
silver leaf

silver leaf sideboard - OKL