Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Phewwww what a long day! I feel like a zombie. Seriously, people have no idea how much detail goes in to this industry. Mistakes can be made in a split second if you don't triple check and follow up on orders. 

Right about now I'm dreaming of a tiny balcony to rest on, with an alcoholic beverage of any kind of course. I'm not one for needing a ton of room, but a bit of outdoor space in tow with a small apartment is essential for my sanity. 

Trust me, there's a lot you can do with 70-100 square feet. 
1. Start with your floors. 

Are they concrete? Can you put an outdoor rug on top. Or maybe some outdoor bamboo wood tiles in a basket weave pattern (see below). Adding this element really transforms the space and brings the indoors out.

2. Bench seating

It's hands down, the most practical and comfortable seating you can pack into a small outdoor space. And you can hide storage underneath! Add some pillows for pops of color too!

3. Plants

Of course a balcony has to have some plants to make you feel like you're really in touch with the outdoors. Add boxes to the railing and colorfully glazed pots here and there. Try lavender plants for color and aroma. 


If you have a bit more space than the rest of us, try adding an umbrella for those really sunny days. 

5. Walls

Ugly Walls? A living wall or climbing vines can be a good solution. A friend of mine places long rectangular planters boxes on the floor of her balcony, then runs clear fishing wire up and down the wall so that flowering vines can grow up the line. It's so pretty but it does take a bit of pruning. 

For the most TIGHT of spaces....

Before & After
Not ideal, but very well thought out! 
Using a table top that adheres to the wall and folds up when not needed is great small space solution. 

6. Paint

If your small space is screened in, try using an accent color to make things bright and cheery on a colder day. 


At night, all you need is a bit of mood lighting and some tunes to set the mood for a cozy evening nestled on your little balcony. I'm always a GO when it comes to twinkle lights or globe lights. Even sets of hanging lanterns will do the trick!