Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 About 2 years ago I saw my first crystal sailboat chandelier and thought to myself, "Wow that could look so whimsical over a bathtub! Totally original idea Nicole." Fast forward to today and its apparent that its not as one-of-a kind as I once thought. Being a interior designer and blogger can really help you learn what's trendy vs. classy pretty fast. In the fashion biz we call it the trickle down effect. Basically high end designs take time to build up mass appeal, but once they are at their peak, the trendsetters are already on to the next thing. And in this fast pace world its tough to figure out what will remain fashion forward. So my advice, live with an idea for a couple of months. If you love it and you need it, there will always be a way to fit the piece into your look. But if you're not sure, pin it and come back to it. If you still love it, go for it! Who cares what the magazines are saying anyways, because in 5 years from now the same trend will be making an upcycle. The important thing is to be yourself. As Ralph Lauren would say, "Fashion is over quickly. Style is Forever."

 Lili Diallo 

 Nanette Lepore's Living Room