Saturday, May 14, 2011


Lacquer walls and trim is everywhere right now, and I am totally digging it! Not only is it super gorgeous but it is way harder to get smudges or scratches on, so it is kid and pet friendly!! But even if you might think it is a little too avant-garde for your taste, you could keep it safe and just do lacquered black trim with some white walls, or a white lacquered ceiling in a dining room so your room can have a beautiful glow when the chandelier is dimmed. But you know me, I'm going bold!

Design by Phillip Gorrivan, he is a genius, and this room is stunning! Check out that ceiling!

Metropolitan Home 


Don't want to go to crazy, how bout some lacquered doors! 


This is out of control! And if the blue green isn't enough lets add the orange sofa, amazing!!

Blue velvet sofa, I want to jump on you!

Classic twist!

All these interiors are the epitome of my style, so inspiring!