Friday, January 30, 2015


It's been 10 months but I've already locked in my lease for another year here in Asbury Park, NJ. Winter hasn't been ideal living conditions, but it's totally worth getting through the winter season when I only have a 50 yard walk to put my toes in the sand. Not to mention, how many wonderful aspects this up and coming town has to offer. From the iconic music scene, to the gourmet eateries and interesting mom and pop shops; it's like a miniature Brooklyn on the shore! 

I have a one bedroom in a newly restored 8 story building right across the street from the beach. Architecturally, it's not a jaw dropping space, but with a fresh canvas and dark hardwood floors, the right furnishings and styling would do the trick! 
Now that I finally feel like I'm settled in, Steph and I thought we would take a few shots to show off the place.

Behold, a shot of my cozy living room!
Truth be told, that sofa almost didn't make it through the door. BUT, that's just because I had already purchased my furniture prior to moving. Luckily we got it through, and it fit perfectly against the wall next to my window. 
Overall, my style tends to be a mix of organic-modern-ecclectic with pops of vibrant colors. However, I knew that I would have to keep the funky to a minimum, since I was confined to such small square footage. The result makes me happy every time I walk through the door. :)

Some of my favorite things I cherish and will have for life is my artwork. If you're not new to Dalliance Design, you may have recognized my Mardi Gras bead art in my living room from one of our last shoots. To our amusement, it's been the most popular item people email us about. However, it's a very close second to this abstracted landscape painting I had commissioned my friend to do. I'm just in love with it! The colors, the composition, the movement! It just makes me so happy! :)

Storage is seriously at the bare minimum here, so my dining space needed to help in that department. Who knew my solution would be in this storage banquette I found at Home Goods for $399! Outfitted with a lumbar pillow in a Lee Jofa fabric by Suzanne Kasler and you got the perfect little nook. 
 On the other hand I needed some where to put dishes, books, and bar necessities. So in came the Vittsjo shelving unit from IKEA, which I spray painted navy. 

I have a lot of interesting odds and ends, but some of my favorite items I've found just rummaging through antique stores. Like the espresso cups and saucers (bottom right), and the vibrant colored decanters on the top of my etageres. Then there's the gold spine coat hooks, which are a real conversation starter. Love them so much. 

My final stop in the tour is my bedroom. Not sure what's more compelling from this photograph, but when I hung that light fixture up, I understood immediately how impactful lighting can be. It really takes a room from pretty to WABAAM! 

All in all, I'm totally smitten and I'm glad I can sit back and enjoy the space for another year. Besides, I'm sure my wheels will be spinning for another upgrade come 2016! ;)


Living Room
Sofa-Lee Industries
Cocktail- Hickory Chair
Chairs- Lillian August
Sisal Rug- Merida
Drapes- Crate & Barrel
Zebra hide stools- Lee Industries
Sconces- Ro Sham Beaux

Etageres- Ikea
Table- Restoration Hardware
Wishbone chairs- eBay
Settee- Home Goods

Bed- Emerson Bentley
Crystal Flushmount- Visual Comfort
Lumbar Pillow, Kevin O'Brien