Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting To Know Nicole

About Me

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising from FIT and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from Kean University

GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching Biggest Loser while eating 
anything that is not good for me

FAVORITE PURCHASE OF ALL TIME: My classic Burberry two-tone watch

HOBBIES: At the moment training for a triathlon and EBay watching

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Blogging about my passion in life!

DREAM VACATIONS: A tour of Italy, A South African Safari, 
and a Cruise on the Nile River

FAVORITE FLOWER: ORCHIDS! And those bougainvillea vines I always see in photographs and movies but unfortunately do not grow in the North East

NEXT BIG FASHION PURCHASE: Hopefully a new handbag, preferably by JJ Winters

BEST DESSERT I EVER HAD: Chocolate soufflĂ©’s from Origins